Bone Grafting and Sinus Augmentation In Troutdale, OR: Your Path to a Stronger Smile

Dreaming of a complete, radiant smile but facing the challenge of insufficient bone mass in your jaw? This can be a major hurdle, making you feel helpless and frustrated. But here’s the thing – no one should live with a smile that isn’t their best.

At CARE Implant Dentistry, we get it. We understand your struggle, and we’re here to help. We take immense pride in leading the charge in sinus augmentation and bone grafting in Troutdale, OR, with a commitment to offering the most progressive procedures. Our dedication to the latest advancements and our patient-centric approach distinguish us.

The C.A.R.E. Method: Your Route to Dental Restoration

Our approach to bone grafting in Troutdale, OR, is driven by the unique C.A.R.E. method:


Dr. Andy and our team believe in building strong relationships with our patients. We're not just providing dental services but partnering with you on your journey to a healthier smile.


We offer the most advanced therapies, including sedation options, to make your bone grafting or sinus augmentation procedure as comfortable as possible.


You deserve to have your smile restored to its full potential. Our dental bone augmentation services are designed to prepare you for successful dental implant placement.


We don't just restore functionality; we bring back your full smile, adding a glow to it with all-natural facial esthetics.

Patient - Centered - Approach

Cutting - Edge Expertise

Compassionate Care

A Patient-Centered Approach to Bone Grafting

At CARE Implant Dentistry, we understand that every patient’s needs are unique. We tailor our dental services to align with your bone loss challenges and oral health. Whether you need bone grafting or sinus augmentation, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to overcome your dental hurdles? Here’s how you can do it with CARE Implant Dentistry:


Schedule a consultation with us.


Receive a personalized treatment plan to tackle your specific needs.


Enjoy your new, stronger smile.

In Every Smile We Restore, You'll Find the Genuine Care We Hold Within

Kind Words From Our Patients

Take the First Step Toward a Stronger Smile

Don’t let insufficient bone mass prevent you from getting the smile you deserve. Avoid the disappointment of failed dental implants. Work with CARE Implant Dentistry for your bone grafting in Troutdale, OR. With us, you’re restoring your smile and reclaiming your confidence.

Let Us Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

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